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Filing A Report

JULIE, Inc. encourages excavators and utility facility owners to research all avenues of mediation prior to filing a Violation Report with the Illinois Commerce Commission.  JULIE Damage Prevention Managers may be contacted for assistance with member and excavator issues.   

Suspected violations of the Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Act can be reported in one of several ways: 

File a Violation Report now.

2.  FAX
Download a Violation Report form.  Complete all information and fax to (217)524-5516.

3.  E-MAIL
Download a Violation Report form.  Complete all information and email to: digsafe@icc.illinois.gov.

4.  MAIL
Download a Violation Report form.  Complete all information and mail to:  Manager, JULIE Enforcement; Illinois Commerce Commission; 527 East Capitol Avenue; Springfield, IL  62701. 

Violation Reports can be called into the Illinois Commerce Commission at (217)782-5911.  However, to ensure that the information you provide is correct and not subject to errors in translation, you are strongly encouraged to file your report online or submit a hard copy form.