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Congratulations for putting safety first and contacting JULIE before digging. Remember, the call, JULIE's services and facility owner marking services are free. Below are a few tips to let you know what happens next.

What Happens Next
Utility companies should have their facilities marked sometime between the receipt of your confirmation and the dig start date and time included in your confirmation information. A representative from each member utility company will either mark the location of their facilities with paint and/or flags or let you know that their lines are not in conflict with the area in which you are planning to dig. It is important that your property is accessible or delays may occur.

Note: Utility locators should always have clearly visible identification and rarely need to enter your home to complete a locate request.

Note: JULIE personnel are not utility locators and do not visit dig sites nor locate underground lines.

When Can I Start My Project?
You may not begin your excavation before the dig start date and time, even if all the utilities have been located and marked. . State law requires your digging project to begin within 14 days of the issuance of your reference number (JULIE Dig Number).

Respect the Marks
Excavation should be carefully performed only after confirming that all utilities have marked the location of their underground lines or notified you that they have no buried lines in the area. If any of the member utilities listed on your locate request ticket have not responded or, if it is clear that an underground utility line has not been marked, call JULIE at 811 or 800-892-0123 (call center agents are available 24/7).

Locating an underground utility line is not an exact science. The marks indicate the approximate location of a buried line. If possible, dig outside the tolerance zone, which is 1.5 feet on either side of the mark. If you must excavate within the tolerance zone, dig next to the marks, not on top of them. Hand dig with extreme caution if you must excavate within the tolerance zone.

If at any time during the excavation the markings are no loger visible, you are required to call JULIE and request that the markings be refreshed.

Private Lines
Utility companies do not mark non-utility owned or privately installed lines such as water and sewer lines from the street to the house or electric and telephone lines from the house to a garage or shed.

APWA Uniform Color Code
JULIE member companies use the following color code when paint or flags are utilized to mark their underground facilities:

Digging in the Tolerance Zone
An underground facility may actually be positioned within 18 inches on either side of a marked line. You are required to use extreme care, which may include digging by hand, when 18 inches on either side of a utility marking.