JULIE, Inc. members enjoy numerous benefits and services designed to assist our members with achieving their safety and education goals.

Mapping System
Implemented in 2007, the Newtin System with Mapping reduces the number of non-conflict messages and provides more accurate locates.

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE)

This program allows trained users to submit their own locate requests and receive their valid locate request numbers over the Internet. RTE users receive immediate confirmation of their locate request, a list of involved member utility companies, a printable version of the locate request and access to previously requests.

Member Access
Members can easily perform a "ticket search" and view member grids, member polygons, ticket delivery parameters and a full member list with company codes.

JULIE, Inc. employs a lobbyist to monitor pending legislation and ordinances that affect the industry as well as represents JULIE in Springfield.

Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns
JULIE, Inc. has a comprehensive, statewide public relations and marketing campaign. The media mix includes television and radio commercials, press releases and news articles, interviews, online ads and public service announcements.

Damage Prevention Managers are available to meet one-on-one with member coordinators or to conduct safety presentations. These managers can also attend community events, open houses and distribute JULIE materials. In cooperation with representatives from Staking University (Planet Underground), JULIE sponsors a series of locate training sessions at different venues across the state each fall.

Web Site
JULIE, Inc. has a very "user-friendly" web site. It is a great tool for our members, providing the latest industry news, calendar of events, contact information and much more. Bookmark and visit the site on a regular basis.